Meethol is the first social network for the hotel industry and accommodations, designed to connect guests who are in the same hotel, or at hotels in the area.

Meethol also connects guests to hotel staff, allowing the hotel staff to communicate efficiently with their guests.
All communications and promotions of the hotel will be seen by visitors on their smartphones, using Meethol, on the wall where they can publish their own posts and comment on posts of other users. For communications, guests will also receive notifications on their mobile phones, during the entire period of their stay at the hotel.

However, Meethol is also a powerful tool for Digital Signage inside the hotel: it is possible to publish on different monitors inside the hotel, to dedicate pages with posts or just to show pictures, communications, promotions to guests and everything you want. It's also possible to send different contents to different monitors localized in specific areas of the hotel (eg, inside the restaurant, you can publish the menu for the evening during lunch, or the opening hours of the restaurant).

Meethol is also interactive and allows users to communicate in the hotel through the chat or using post wall. Users can also choose to communicate and / or share their content with other guests of other hotels in the area where they reside at the time (for example, German tourists who are staying in a hotel in Rome, can see how many more German tourists are present in Rome at that time in his hotel or other hotels in the city).

Meethol is a powerful tool for direct marketing of the hotel: suppose you want to quickly advertise special offers featured at the SPA, the menu of the day or other initiatives. Everything you publish will be received by your guests on their smartphone and will also be seen on the monitor that will be located within your organization.

Having Meethol also means being part of an exclusive club, where the guest uses the application during their travel, and by simply entering the PIN supplied by the front desk, they can enter into the world of hotel services where they reside.